Technology has come a long way in making our lives more convenient and more secure at the same time. One of the clearest and most common examples of how technology has helped improve our day-to-day living is in the way we safekeep our dwelling places. Traditionally, we have turned to mechanical locks and keys for preventing unwanted access to our private areas and we rely heavily on manual and hands-on procedures for granting and preventing access. Today, technology has revolutionized the way we guard our private spaces. For example, the emergence of intercoms with facial recognition access have made living in apartments a lot more convenient and secure. In this article, we are going to talk all about this technology and discuss some of its key safety benefits as compared to traditional methods and techniques.

Live Video Monitoring

Naturally, this technology would involve the use of cameras to capture video. The great thing about this technology is that it is not limited to being merely a recording system. This means that, instead of just being able to look at the tapes after a recording, this system can be set up to allow for live video monitoring. From a safety and security standpoint, this is undeniably a game changer. In this type of setup, users can see what is happening at their doorstep as and when it happens. It also allows them to see the people who are at their doors asking for permission to enter. The main advantage of this setup is that users won’t have to physically open their doors to check the person outside. Such a procedure effectively eliminates the risk of having to be exposed to outside threats.

Complex Access Control

Another huge benefit of facial recognition access is that it is much more secure as compared to other access control methods. While it is true that you can still have a relatively secure system just by using codes, pins, or fingerprints, more advanced infiltration techniques can still bypass such a setup. In contrast, a setup with facial recognition access cannot be easily tricked by a photo or a somewhat identical face. This is especially true with higher-end setups where the cameras used to scan the face will be supplemented by additional security procedures, such as 3D face modeling, dot projection, and infrared scanning.

Evidence Recording

Although we have mentioned earlier that this setup can work as a live video monitoring system, it still provides you with the advantage of being able to record evidence. This means that, even if you don’t have someone who is constantly monitoring the live video feed, you can still somewhat have a degree of security in terms of being able to identify the suspected individuals through your video recording. Typically, video evidence is regularly captured, saved, and uploaded to the system or directly to the cloud servers. Effectively, even if the cameras or the entire system is forcibly taken down or destroyed, you still keep some evidence for investigatory purposes later on.

Crime Deterrent

In most cases, you won’t even have to actually make use of the features of such a system, including live video monitoring or video recording. This is precisely because the mere presence of such an advanced security system is often enough to warn off or to deter any criminal or suspicious activities. This is especially relevant in an apartment setup or anywhere with high levels of human activity. This benefit also directly affects the experiences of the tenants. In having a secure setup, tenants will have more confidence that they will be protected of any harm all throughout their stay. This will hopefully increase satisfaction and improve tenant feedback for the apartment.


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