When is Engage Kiss Season 2 due to be released? Fumiaki Maruto created Engage Kiss. It is a comedy and romantic anime set in the world Shu Ogata (a private military business owner) who lives in Byron City. Thanks to a newly discovered source for energy, the city’s residents can enjoy a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.

Despite a successful business venture, the demon hunter must still pay his bills. To help with this, he must ask for the help of Kisara, his friend from the demons. The two of them help with household chores as well as defending the city from monsters.

Fighting demons may require personal sacrifices that Shuu or Kisara will only learn about after a while. A-1 Pictures created an anime series that should be the basis for Engage Kill, a mobile gaming platform. Although there have been mixed reviews about the game from critics, fans of anime want to know more about its future after the conclusion of the first season. The most current information on the sequel to Engage Kiss has been compiled for those who are curious about whether or not the show will be returning.

Will there be an Engage Kiss Season 2?

If you are an anime lover and eagerly await its return, there may be some waiting. A-1 Pictures has not yet officially renewed it. There are rumors on the internet that A-1 Pictures could update the show in January 2023.

These speculations are not likely to prove correct, but Engage Kiss season 2, even if they do, is unlikely to be released any time soon. The show received poor ratings online, with an average rating of 3.4 stars across all platforms.

The anime should be a success domestically. Studio A-1 Pictures could have many commitments in 2023 that would delay the release. They also have a lot of work to do for the next year.

A-1 Pictures will most likely then prioritize Lycoris Recoil to be an action-oriented comedy on their summer anime list, which was superior than Engage Kiss.

Season 2 Episode Release Date for Engage Kiss

Although ratings for the show were low, they weren’t bad enough to warrant its cancellation. Viewers can still look forward to a possible return.

The Unresolved Grand Finale (Season 1) is the Season 1 finale. This shows that the creators are keen to continue developing the plot.

Studio A-1 Pictures’ busy schedule may delay the release of the show, even if it is renewed in the coming months. Engage Kiss Season 2 will air most likely in the second half or early 2025, depending on all of the factors that are at play.

Season 2 Plot

The Season 1 finale sees Sharon, Ayano Shuu Ayano Shuu and Shuu attempt to capture the live Kanna. Sharon is distraught. Kisara is determined to do her best but losing her memories has deeply affected her. However, she believes in Shuu and is determined that she can save her life. Shuu, finding her sister in her rubble is what prompts her to make her way to the city and fight the evil demons.

Gangna is sealed in City Hall at the bottom. There are ongoing repairs within the city. Shuu brings Kisara to his home the next night and they begin to love. Kisara quickly discovers that they aren’t the only ones. It appears that Kanna is still missing from City Hall. Ayano also quickly appears at the apartment in search of her. Shuu must then watch in horror as the three engage in a friendly struggle.

Perhaps will be able to learn more about Kanna and the demon realm in Engage Kiss season 2.

Kisara is also expected to do more to recover her memories. Despite their difficulties, Shu’s bond will likely be stronger. Ayano as well as Sharon are expected to be central to the next season.


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