Ernest Khalimov The name is all that matters. Chad is a slang term that people often use on the internet to refer to a young, white, sexually active, handsome and confident male. Chad is the first, followed by GigaChad and Ernest Khalimov (a Russian model of 52 years). But GigaChad is his nickname, so people think of him as more than a GigaChad. He was born on the 1st of March 1969 in Moscow (Russia). He was raised in Russia. He is a Christian, by birth, and his Zodiac sign is Pisces.

Ernest Khaalimov height and weight. Age

Ernest Khalimovis a strong man, who many men in today’s world consider to be their role model. Ernest Khalimov measures 6’8 inches (203.2 cm), and is very masculine. His hair color is black, and his eyes are dark brown. He is approximately 95 kg. His body measurements are remarkable at 34-27-25-35. According to the US standard, his shoe size measures 13 inches.

Some people don’t believe he is his real age. Some people believe he is 52 years old, while others think he may be 32. However, we believe that he is 52.

Ernest Khalimov is a real person?

There are many rumors about Ernest that circulate on the Internet. First, do you believe Ernest Khalimov is real?

It isn’t yet known if he is real or an imposter. Ernest is not active online. @berlin.1969, is his Instagram id. Ernest’s fans and followers are divided on whether he is real or fictional. Both sides offer evidence that supports their statements.

Ernest Khalimov was made more famous by his role in the modeling art project of Sleek’N’Tears, one of the most prominent organizations. Krista Sudmalis is a Russian photographer who created it. People began searching for him on various social media platforms.

Khalimov Gigachad Meme

A meme of Ernest Khalimov became viral in 2017, and people started to share their thoughts on social media. Surprisingly tall and with strong muscles. One of the most handsome males. A few of his followers believe Ernest Khalimov to be a real person. His Instagram account is not active and he uploads a lot photos of himself.

Is Khalimov, Gigachad now dead?

Another rumor about Ernest’s death was also circulated. The rumor that Ernest died in a car crash became widespread in April 2021. People began to believe the rumor. But it was completely fake and also worked.

Ernest Khalimov Personality

Ernest Khalimov is an bodybuilder. He is a bodybuilder, as well as a fitness coach and model. He also appeared in Sleek’N’Tears’s further art projects and was again publicized for his physique. His physique was soon made famous. This Russian bodybuilder is a model in Sleek’N’Tears for over 4 years.

Life, Career, and Net Worth

He has more than 600k Instagram followers and is currently one the most prominent male models. In September 2013, he and Krista launched their NFT.

He has a net worth of 1.5 million USD. He earns his income mainly through modeling, fitness training, advertising, sponsorships, and modeling. His main work is for menswear companies.

He promotes several brands through his Instagram account and charges a large amount. His average daily likes of posts on Instagram are 127k. He has over 600k followers. Sources say Ernest Khalimov charges around 1500 to 2500 dollars for Instagram business promotion.

Lifestyle Families

His Instagram account shows that he loves animals. It was widely believed that he photographshopped his photos a lot so that his Instagram account doesn’t look as good. However, it is a rumor.

No supporting evidence is available to support this assertion. His body has no tattoos to date. He is very inactive on Instagram. He doesn’t have any other social media accounts.

This is why the internet doesn’t provide enough information about him. His parents and siblings are not listed on the internet. There was no mention of his college or school. Also, there is no information about his educational history.Conclusion

This is Ernest Khalimov the GigaChad.


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