It’s hard to forget the powerful Vinland Saga quote. Season 1 ended with the promise that your favourite characters will return soon. We are now on the doorstep to 2022 and many people are wondering “When is the Vinland Saga episode 2 release date?” We will need to wait, but not too much, for the answer. Let’s review what we already saw before we go into the details of Vinland Saga season 2,. Here’s a recap, especially for first-timers!

What is the Vinland Saga’s story?

Vinland Saga was created by Makoto Yokimura. It is a manga series that originated from Japan. The series takes us to the year 1002 where Thorfinn, Thors Snorresson’s son, embarks on exploring Vinland. After defeating Askeladd, Thors is executed and Thorfinn held hostage. Thorfinn decides to revenge On Askeladd upon the death his father. Thorfinn is later a member of the Askeladd band and, with sharp honing his skills, becomes a fierce fighter.

The final episodes feature Thorfinn taking on Thorkell, and Prince Canute being captured. Askeladd confronts a mutiny by his men who question his leadership. He continues to kill his soldiers. Thorfinn attempts to stop Askeladd being killed and challenges Thorkell with a duel. The 19th episode shows that Thorkell, and Thorfinn, are related. However, this does not lessen their animosity. Thorfinn managed a snatching of Thorkell’s eye.

Season 1 ends with Thorfinn facing Askeladd, who has a broken right arm. Thorfinn is knocked down by Askeladd, even though he didn’t own a sword. He was eventually sentenced. Sweyn rewards Askeladd for saving Prince Canute. Sweyn then asks him which country he would prefer: Wales or Canute. Askeladd is killed in the final episode. Thorfinn appears to have attacked Canute in vain. The episode ends with Thorfinn’s promise to return with another season. He assembles a crew in order to colonize Vinland.

Is Vinland Saga season 2 coming?

In 2021, Wit Studio announced that Vinland Saga would return with its second series to keep fans’ hopes alive. Shuhei Yabuta made the announcement on Twitter, sealing speculations. The Vinland Saga team that managed season 1 of Vinland Saga will still be there. Official announcements indicated that season 2 will be produced under Takahiko’s direction as character designer. Shuhei Yamabuta will continue to take the director’s role. But, no cast or crew names have been disclosed by the production. We anticipate it will be very similar, although there may be minor changes.

When will season 2 be released?

The Vinland Saga Season 2 Release Date Update is one of the most popular questions in 2020-21. You will need to be patient for this, unfortunately. While there have been rumors about the sequel, we don’t know anything about its release date. However, some fans believe that it will be announced in the early 2022.

Vinland Saga’s reel version is still in development, but it continues to be published as usual since 2005. Manga is probably a familiar topic to anime fans. Vinland Saga Manga contains 25 volumes. Vinland Saga Season 2 should be based upon volume 9 to 14. The screen will show 100 chapters.

Season 2: Who are the characters we should be watching?

Season 1 of Vinland Saga saw a lot of characters die. Yes, we said goodbye to many with a heavy soul. Some characters are going to make an impact.

reappearance surely. Who will they be? Here’s our take:

He is the protagonist – he must be there! Remember what Askeladd taught him to do? He still needs to find the purpose of life. He also has to complete the task of Thor, his father.

It was impossible. Vinland Saga Season 2 is without Thorfinn.

Thorkell, loved and disliked by all, seems to make a return in the series. You might find him as Canute’s servant, or perhaps he could take on a different role. Nevertheless,

This character is expected to appear in season 2.

After season 1, Prince Canute was transformed into King Canute. He has yet to fulfill his dream of turning the entire world into paradise. King Canute, who is the ruler of the Danes following Sweyn’s death, will certainly play a central role in Vinland Saga season 2.

Vinland Saga’s first season brought in a lot of money. It is only a matter if season 2 will be able to satisfy the fan’s curiosity. The only thing we, Vinland Saga’s fans, can do is to hold our hopes high and wait patiently. It will come soon!


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