Many otaku in the world have one question. Is there a Girlfriend, Girlsfriend Season 2? Is it possible to make the sequel to “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” anime? If so we are currently analyzing and anticipating when the broadcast will begin. The original Japanese title of the anime was Mo Kanojo.

Fans should also see it as it summarizes where (from which volume to how many) the animation 1st & 2nd periods of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” will be depicted in the original manga.

The latest information for Girlfriend, Girlsfriend season 2

At the moment,

Hiroyuki’s manga is the basis for “Girlfriend Girlfriend”. Although serialization began in 2020 the original work was extremely popular . The animation was announced in eight month, the fastest ever in the history Weekly Shonen Magazine .

The synopsis contains a shocking revelation: the story opens with an unwelcome bifurcated dating. Bifurcation is usually a secret and often falls into a murky state. However, “Kanojo mo girlfriend”, has agreed that all three are bifurcated.

The heroine is adorable and attractive, but this is only for Weekly Shonen Magazine. Weekly Shonen Magazine hits popular romantic comedy works every week, like “The Quintessential Quitessential Bride”and “She, she will borrow”.

It’s a hot topic, “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”. But the long-awaited anime began broadcasting on July 2021! Many people wonder if it is possible to produce the second season.

The production of the sequel has not been officially announced. However, this article will examine all possibilities of the second season of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” anime!

Where will the 1st period of anime be drawn from the manga? Where will the second season begin in anime? We have all the information you need, so we hope you enjoy it.

Is there Girlfriend, Season 2?

If you are looking into the possibility that “Girlfriend, Girlfriend 2” could be produced, the first thing you should look at is the original manga stock. It is physically impossible to create a sequel if the original manga has been completed.

The most recent Manga of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”, is . This contains 7 volumes as at August 24, 2021 . The number of volumes for animated manga is relatively small, as Weekly Shonen Magazine’s serialization only began in 2020.

Volumes 1 to 4 will likely be the first animation. In this scenario, there will be 3 volumes of stock.

If you think that the second term of animation also stock the same number of original comics at a similar pace is digestible, but there will not be enough sentence, Volume 1 “She also she” releases one after another book in the high rate of two to 3 month intervals I am.

You don’t need to worry about not having enough stock to produce the second animation period.

Next, we will verify the original manga’s sales. As at June 2021, the cumulative number of the “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” manga has exceeded 900,000.

Although the numbers for comics and books are disappointing, they are quite fast considering that the book’s first volume was released June 17, 2020. It has only been a year since then.

Some cases, such ” Tokyo Revengers”, saw anime become so popular that sales of books more than tripled. It is possible to expect the.

Next, we will look into the possibility of producing “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”, the second season of anime, using the proceeds from sales of Blu-ray and DVD.

If the average sales of discs exceeds 4,000 to 5, 000, then the animation production committee will be in profit.

There are two types: Blu-ray, DVD, Blu-ray, and DVD. A total of four volumes will be available. The disc sales for one of these volumes will be announced on October 6, 2021.

Amazon has however already accepted reservations. You can also check the top-selling ranking. The ranking of Amazon as of August 24, 2021 shows that it was 462nd for Blu-ray animations and 576th (animation (DVD),) categories .

The release of the first disc is still over a month away so it is given a fair ranking.

Recent sales of discs have been slow, even for popular anime, so I don’t know what to do. But the romantic comedy works of the Weekly Shonen Magazine, “The Quintessential Bride 2nd term” and “She, I’ll Rent” are both discs. Despite poor sales, the sequel production was announced.

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend,” is an anime intended to be a romantic comedy. If you are able to expect some profits from other factors, it is possible that you will participate in the second phase.

You can expect to make big profits through video distribution, even if you don’t sell any disks. It is the heyday for subscription. So even if disc sales aren’t as strong, it’s easy for the anime sequels to gain momentum if there is video distribution.

There are two types main revenue streams from video distribution: “Revenues from exclusive distribution” & “Revenues from the number views”. But there is no video distributor that only distributes “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”.

Therefore, while the profits will be determined based on how many views it receives, it will also be important to look at the popularity ranking for the video distribution service to determine how often it is being watched.

ranked 11th in UNEXT and 16th on the weekly ranking for d anime stores .

The ranking shows that it will be decided if the second period of animation is produced by reviewing the sales of discs, goods, etc. because it is not the level where the popularity and distribution of video is all that is decisive.

What date would you broadcast the second season “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”? It is not unusual for anime to have a broadcast interval that is one or more years after the original work.

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend” is presented as a neostandard romantic comedy, however, it is not as popular than the “Quintessential Quintessential bride” romantic comedy work.

It was announced that the first animation period would be broadcast in July-September 2020. The second animation period will be broadcast in 2022.

While the exact broadcast date has yet to be announced, considering “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”, which will follow a similar schedule, believe that will broadcast its second season in 2023.

What number of volumes of the original manga were in the first and the second seasons of anime? (From where?

Here’s a summary of how many volumes (from which to where) of original manga will be drawn during the first and second periods in “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”. It is divided into 4 volumes. The first volume contains the first 3 episodes.

It is possible that the first period will contain 12 episodes in one episode instead of two cool broadcasts . The 8th episode, “I Like It No Matter How You Look at It”, which was broadcast just the other day, is equivalent in length to 23 episodes from the original manga volume.

Each episode of the animated anime is animated at the same pace as 3 episodes of original manga. It is possible that the animation’s first period will have 36 episodes.

The story’s main character Naoya mukai embarks on a hot spring vacation with Saki Saki (and Nagisa Minase) and Shino Kiryu (the fourth woman who likes Naoya) gets involved. Is it not?

Even though Saki Saki, NagisaMinase, Rika Hishizaki (Mirika), Shino Kiryu all appear to be on the official website of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”, it’s still a great break for the story.

In this case, animation will start at the 5th volume. If animated at the same rate as the 1st, it will visualize the 5th and 8th volumes of original manga. It appears likely that it will.

Summary: Girlfriend, girlfriend has a 60% chance for a sequel to her second-term.

  • There is a 60% chance that Girlfriend, Girlfriend season 2 will be made.
  • Broadcast date is estimated to be 2023
  • It is anticipated that the anime second season will consist of 5-8 volumes of the original manga

This is the second season in the TV anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”. However, considering the disc’s popularity and sales forecasts, it is likely that it will be produced. It’s difficult to say but it’s a work which conveys the strength and production side. The animation is animated at the fastest pace in the history Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Additionally, disc sales are booming, but there are many cases in which they are produced until the second animation period. This is where sequels to popular romantic comedy works, such as “The Quintessential Quitessential Bride” or “She, I will lend”, are produced. It is possible to produce a second production if it is done.

“Girlfriend & Girlfriend” stands out because of its unique characters. Because it portrays the bifurcated relationship where love-hate drama is often unfolded in an entertaining and pop way, it seems like it can be enjoyed by both men and women.


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