Inoue, manga that has been serialized by the “Sunday Webley”, was the original, it topped 1.5 million copies in the 2021-year of July to It’s a popular work.

This synopsis is a romantic comedy that centers on a boy who was cursed to die by a witch for touching anything he touched while he was a kid, and Alice, a black woman who supports him.

Maid Alice’s reversal sexual harassment is the biggest attraction! As if to appreciate the reaction of the boy that won’t touch it even if it is his desire, he approaches with one hand.

The heartwarming, romantic comedy also contains mystery-solving elements like the reason the boy was cursed, and the identity and origin of Alice. This manga is highly regarded by a broad range of generations regardless of gender.

The long-awaited debut season of TV animation for “The Duke of Death” and his maid will be broadcasted starting July 4, 2021. The first season of anime is almost over, and I am beginning to wonder if there will be a second season.

While there have not been any announcements regarding sequel productions on Twitter or official website, this article examines the possibility of producing The Duke of Death and His Maid season 2,

What number of episodes and cool compositions are in the first anime period? How far will the original manga go? What about the second season of anime? The latest information has been compiled by us, so take a look at the end.

Is it possible for anime to be produced a second season?

The stock of the original manga is an important premise when deciding whether or not there will ever be The Duke of Death And His Maid season 2. It is possible that all the episodes will be drawn in the first animation period, if the manga has been completed.

In such a case, even if spin-off animation production exists, sequel production is impossible.

The original manga of “The Duke of Death and His Maid,” has 13 volumes. The most recent volume (not the last) was published August 19, 2021.

I’ll explain in detail how it will look in the first period, but I anticipate it to be as high as 6 volumes of original novel. In this case, there will be seven volumes of the original stock.

It seems that the second period animation will be done at the same time. There is no problem, because the stock remains for one period .

Taken from the original manga

Next, we will examine the potential for producing the second animation period based on the sales figures of “The Duchess of Death and His Maid”. As I stated at the beginning of this article, the cumulative number of the “The Dude of Death and His Maid” series had exceeded 1.5 million by July 2021.

These numbers are conservative for a manga-based work and cannot be said to indicate that the second period can be produced by itself.

However, sales may be increasing now that July was the month the total was.

The popularity of the original anime is unlikely to influence the production of the second season. However, if the anime becomes popular enough, you can expect a synergistic effect that increases sales of the original manga. It seems likely that this will lead to a sequel.

Video distribution services are becoming increasingly important, with the introduction of flat-rate monthly video distribution services like Amazon Prime Video and NetFlix. This has also made it possible to generate significant revenue.

Video distribution services generate revenue in two ways: “revenue from exclusive distribution” versus “revenue based on the number views”. However, there is no video distributor that only distributes “Shinigamibochan” and “Black Maid”.

It will be examined whether it is possible to earn “revenue according” to how many views. As a reference point for the number views in the video distribution system, the popularity ranking will be used.

Check the popularity ranking as of August 19, 20,21. It is not in service (21st to lower) in UNEXT, or .

As a summer 2021 animation and as a work broadcast in realtime, it is in my opinion. The popularity of video distribution suggests that animation production of “The Duke of Death and His Maid”, is not easy.

It is difficult to produce The Duke of Death And His Maid season 2 considering the current situation. But it is possible that, at the time of production of the first season of animation, it was decided to produce season 2.

When will the second season’s broadcast date be? If the first period was only one broadcast, then the final broadcast will take place in September 2021.

No matter how popular a sequel is, it takes almost always more than a full year to make and broadcast it. The popularity of the video distributor service and the sales forecast for discs mean that “The Duke of Death and His Maid”, while not deciding to make a sequel, is likely to wait a while.

Therefore, expect that the next season of anime is after October 2023. will then be two years later.

How many volumes of manga originals are included in the anime’s first and second seasons? (From where?

Final note: If the second season of “The Duke of Death & His Maid”, the TV anime, will air, we’ll be able to predict the amount and whereabouts of the original manga!

First, we need to know how far the animation will progress. But, as far the Blu-ray and DVD release schedules on the official website are concerned, it appears that 12 episodes will be the first period.

The sixth episode is the middle part of the story. In this episode, Alice and Bocchan get taken by the witch’s cuff (Sabbath). This corresponds to up to three volumes of the original manga.

Because the first period is twelve episodes long, it will take 12 episodes to complete the animation. The first period will include through to 6 manga volumes. A significant episode will be drawn by the sixth volume. It is the time when the boy gets into the main house and reveals the identity the cursed witch.

If the animation’s first period is drawn from the first to sixth volumes of the original manga, then the animation’s second period will be drawn from that seventh volume. If animated at the same rate as the first period, it appears likely the second time will draw episodes from volumes 7-12 of the original manga.

Summary: There is a 30% chance of making a sequel for The Duke of Death And His Maid 2nd season

  • 30% chance of being part of the second season of The Duke of Death and His Maid
  • If there is a second segment of animation, it is likely that the broadcast date will be October 2023
  • Volumes 7-12 from the original manga are to be drawn in this second period.

It’s the second episode of “The Duke of Death And His Maid” TV anime. However, as long as you review the sales forecast of the disc and the popularity of the video distributor service, there is an opportunity for sequel production. at the moment . Is it possible?

Bocchan, the main character, is cursed with the ability to kill everyone he touches. Although the story of Alice being subject to reverse sexual harassment by the maid is fascinating, the heartwarming daily existence of Bocchan (and Alice) is difficult to talk about.

But the story is about change! It is Natsuki Hansae who is the voice actor for the main character Bocchan. The theme song “Mangetsu to Silhouette Evening” which is sung together with Ayumi Mano who plays Alice is also very appealing.

It will gain popularity gradually from now and there is a good possibility that it leads to the production of a second period of animation. Let’s see the pure love of “The Duke of Death and His Maid” and anticipate future developments.


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