Summer is quickly approaching, with green leaves becoming more verdant, longer white days, bright flowers blooming, and hot summer fast approaching.

It’s time for you to get ready for the summer of 2021! The most important thing when it comes down to clothing is to choose a casual and cool style. Here are four types of dresses I will be introducing: tank top dress (suspender), shirt dress (shirt dress), and cross V-neck dress (cross V-neck). You will also find simple, fashionable and stylish summer dressing ideas. Let’s combat the gloomy mood together.

Even though the dress may look simple when worn as a single piece, it is crucial to select the right technique. The right style can be worn with a slim, fashionable look without gaining weight as long as it is chosen correctly.


Vest skirts should be your first choice in summer. The sleeves are removed, allowing for the breeze to flow into the clothes. This is extremely cool. There are many style options: a pencil skirt can be made more formal with a pencil skirt, a plain waist, and bare face. With slender shoes, a low-heeled coat or bag shoes, you can make it suited for work. Although it is wet, it is warm enough to withstand the heat of the office’s air conditioning.

Casual and casual, loose vest skirts can be matched well with hats. For a more professional look, add sunglasses, straw hats, and strappy sandals to your outing to play.London Spring/Summer Fashion Week, British brand Matthew Williamson2021 Rome Haute Couture Week (Altaroma)

Sling dress

The sling is more comfortable than the vest. The difference lies in how much fabric is left between the shoulders and the top of the back. It gives you a summery look. You can divide the sling into two parts: thin shoulder strap and wide. Each can be worn separately, but the narrow shoulder strap is better for inner clothes. A thin knit, plain or horizontally striped T would look great. You could also wear an oversize T-shirt or shirt. A tulle coat can be worn without losing the dignity of the thin shoulder bands.

It can be used as a sling to cover clothing. It can be worn by itself. It looks elegant and fresh. Consider packing it with you when you travel. romantic.Italian brand Valentino walks the catwalk during Paris Fashion Week in Spring and Summer.New York Spring/Summer Fashion Week, American design brand Tory Burch.

Shirt dress

Shirts, dresses, and other clothing that isn’t tailored to your body are considered the simplest. It is worthwhile to keep one in every wardrobe. The shirt collar and material seem a little formal. However, the elegant skirt is free-flowing and simple. The fashion and handsomeness of both the shirt and the dress are enhanced by the comparison. It’s worth noting that natural V-necks can be created depending on what accessories are used and the occasion. The clavicle line can be seen very clearly.

The focal point of shirt skirts is also the button. They are very useful in embellishing plain and simple dresses. Chic buttons can add beautiful details to dresses. The best part is that the button must be fully open so the shirt turns into a long, flowing blouse. Summer is a great time to wear a multilayered dress with plain jeans and a T underneath.New York Spring/Summer Fashion Week, New York brand Mansur Gavriel.Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, brand GOGA NIKABADZE.2021 Rome Haute Couture Week (Altaroma)

Wrap Dress

We’ve already discussed the V-neck created by unbuttoned button. Now let’s look at another Vneck dress made from fabric cross. In the 70s, Diane von Furstenberg (a Belgian designer) brought forward Wrap Dress. This dress was half a century and a half ago. Her design involved letting the fabric wrap around the body and wrapping the upper body. Next, she used the same color tie for the waist. The skirt will naturally sag, stretch and become intellectually stimulating.

This classic style can reflect the personality of the wearer and exude a feminine charm. It is loved by actresses, fashion ladies, and celebrities and can be seen at many important events.


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