Winter is replaced by spring. Everyone will then put away their winter voluntary cleaning and wait until next year. Wool blankets are an essential part of winter household life. How to clean a wool blanket

How to clean wool blankets

If you have a wool blanket at your home, take care not to cause damage. You can soak the wool blanket in cold water for a few minutes and then press gently with your hands. The blanket should not ever be dried by being wrung dry. After washing the blanket, you should be able dry it in the sun. You should not dry the blanket in the dryer, as the dryer can shrink the blanket and harden it. Also, wool fabric should not be dried until it is dry. After being soaked for too much, it can easily lose its shape.

Here are some helpful tips for washing wool blankets

  1. Choose right detergents
  2. Handwash at Home
  3. Washing Machine
  4. Clean with vinegar
  5. Dry cleaning

1. Choose right detergents

Choose the right detergent. You have two options: specialized laundry gels and pH neutral detergent. Bleaching and aggressive products are not permitted.

For daily use, do not use detergents. You should not wash your clothes with detergents after just 10 rinses. They cause allergic reactions and damage wool fibers.

Laundry soap works well. It can be grated or used as a liquid. The soap is gentle on dirt and has conserving properties. Washing the soap makes your fabric soft and clean. There is no residue. The soap rinses faster and leaves no residue. To wash wool blankets by hand, add a teaspoonful of borax.

2. Hand washing at home

Woolen garments that are woolen should be washed by hand. It is important to understand the best products to use to wash your blanket. Prepare the water to soak. This is the first step. Add 200ml liquid soap with pleasant aroma and a teaspoonful borax to the mixture. Mix. Allow the blanket to sit in the solution for six to eight hours.

Then, wash the blanket thoroughly in warm water. Next, rinse it in cold water. You must get rid of all soap suds.

Two tablespoons of turpentine can be added to soap solution if dirt is too thick, such as urine stains or juice stains. You can remove them with a soft bristled brush. It is important not to rub dirt too vigorously. You run the risk of damaging the material.

Many housewives complain that woolen blankets lose their elasticity when washed. Add a teaspoon of wine vinegar to the water during the last rinse. The ordinary lemon juice can be used to prevent yellowing. Add a tablespoon of the juice to the water, and let the blanket soak in the solution for at least 20 minutes. You can rinse the blanket after that.

3. Washing machine

Many housewives are unable to imagine how difficult and time-consuming manual washing can be. Instead, they think about how to wash woolen blankets in a washing line. Modern technology makes it much easier to clean clothes and other items. These are just a few of the things you should consider. You can even use the “Wool”, which is a wash mode on modern models. This is ideal for blankets. If that is not the case then set the delicate setting at +30 degrees.

Other tips:

  • To wash all soap suds out of the product, make sure you turn on double rinse
  • The spin mode will dry the blanket but also fluff it up a bit.
  • Avoid using bleaching agents or stain removalrs in washing. Natural materials are not affected by these products.

4. Cleanse with vinegar

Wool blankets that are cleaned for longer periods of time will become more worn. We can often add vinegar while cleaning wool blankets to keep them from getting old. Vinegar is a good way to prevent your wool blanket getting old. Additionally, it is possible for wool blankets to get too dirty if they are washed with too much detergent.

5. Dry cleaning

Is it too difficult to wash the product in the washing machine? Dry “wash” is another way to get rid of stains. It will refresh your blanket and take out any dirt or grit. This can be done by purchasing a lanolin-based item, which is available at any hardware shop.

These are further instructions:

  • Read the instructions included in the packaging.
  • Mix the liquid with water according to the instructions.
  • Beat the solution with a sponge, until it becomes a thick foam.
  • Foam the blanket’s surface by spreading it on the ground.

Do not rub the product with your sponge. Use soft circular motions to remove foam and dirt. This is a similar process to cleaning carpet from stains using special products. The dirt can be also removed with foam.

How to wash woolen blankets?

You must take great care to avoid destroying wool.

It is best to use these tips to avoid washing problems.

  • If washing the product in a washer, you should choose models that can hold up to 7kg.
  • Washing by hand requires that you take a bath in order to wash away all dirt and remove detergent.
  • It is best to wash your blanket at +30 degrees. Higher temperatures can cause it to shrink.
  • Make sure you choose the right detergent to wash your wool blanket.

Additionally, the product cannot be rubbed, wrung out, or turned. It is a problem because natural wool blankets are heavy. Second, this can cause damage to your canvas, causing it to stretch and deform.

How to clean honeycomb woolen blanket

Honeycomb woolen blankets are easy to shrink and can be dried cleaned.

(1) Don’t wash your blanket with a washing machine. The washing machine can shake the blanket and cause it to be deformed.

(2) To dry the wool blanket, soak it in cold water. Press it gently with your fingertips.

(3) Dry in the sun after cleaning. Do not dry with a clothes dryer. Because it can shrink the blanket and harden the material.

How do you wash a Camel wool blanket

Grated laundry soap can be used for washing the blanket made from camel wool. Use the soap shavings to warm the water. The amount should be about 5-10 grams per 1 liter. The soap shavings should be mixed with water until they are completely dissolved. Pour the solution over the blanket and let it sit for 10 minutes. Make sure to rinse the blanket in cold water after removing any foam.

How do you wash synthetic fiber blankets

If the blanket contains synthetic fibers, such as acrylic and acrylonitrile

It can usually be washed in the washing-machine.

(1) Avoid too high water temperatures, preferable between 20-40 degrees Celsius.

(2) Always dry in shade. It will shrink the blanket and harden the material.

(3) A suitable amount of fabric conditioner can be used during cleaning to maintain the blanket’s softness.

(4) Because the blanket is too large for the washing machine, it must be dried cleaned.

Stains can be cleaned quickly.

Use cold water to moisten the area surrounding the affected area in order to prevent further spreading or deterioration.

(1) You can usually put it in the washer to do wet wash.

(2) Avoid a high water temperature, preferable between 20-40 degrees Celsius.

(3) Dry it in shade. Do not dry it in the dryer as this will shrink or harden it.

(4) To keep the blanket soft, a suitable amount of fabric softener may be used during cleaning.

How to maintain wool blankets

1. Avoid contact with sharp, rough or strong alkaline objects.

2. Find a cool place that is well ventilated, let it cool in the sun, then dry.

3. During the collection period the cabinet should always be opened, ventilated, and kept dry.

4. To prevent mildew, you should dry it several times in hot and humid weather.

We hope you follow our advice and can wash your wool blanket. Your comments and suggestions are welcome on our article. We might find our readers most grateful for your suggestions.


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