Spinach is useful in stir-fry, as well as for hot pot ingredients and hot pot. It’s delicious and can be used in many dishes. It is a good source of nutrition and one of the best ingredients to eat. Ever had spinach so bad that it was difficult to use and rotted or wrinkled? It’s best to preserve it and prolong its life if you’re having trouble with it. How can you keep spinach fresh?

Here are some tips to help you store your spinach correctly and keep it fresh for a long time.

How to keep fresh spinach fresh for a long period of time

  1. Identify fresh spinach
  2. Room Temperature
  3. Keep the spinach in the refrigerator
  4. Frozen
  5. Boil and save
  6. You can save it as a paste

1. Identify fresh spinach

It doesn’t make sense for spinach to be spoiled from the beginning, regardless of how much you know about how to preserve it.

If it is possible, I’d like crispy, fresh, and delicious spinach.

How can you tell if spinach is fresh? These are the main points.


The back of the leaf is the most important part. If it’s dark green it’s fine. While the back of the leaf is yellowish, I choose the one with a darker color.
Verify that the leaf tips are crisp and fresh. The leaves should not be too thick. It’s even better if your leaves are thick and voluminous.


The best stems are those with moderate thickness. A stem that is too thin will result in a lack of umami. But if it’s too thick, it will grow too quickly and have a strong lye.


Good spinach is one with a bright pink color. You want one that is beautiful and fresh. You will also see better growth if the root is thicker, so go for the one that has a thicker cut.

Check the above before buying spinach from a grocery store or greengrocer.

2. Temperature in the Room

It is possible to extend the shelf life of spinach even when it is at room temperature.

While it’s impossible to do in hot weather, it’s possible to wrap it in newspaper or plastic bags and keep it down with its roots facing downward.

For a time, you can also soak roots in water. Next, dry the roots by wiping off any excess water. Then wrap them with moistened kitchen newspaper and place them in an airtight container for 5 days at room temperatures.

You need to moisten the roots. However, if the leaves get wet they will quickly become damaged.

3. Keep the spinach in the refrigerator

How do you store fresh spinach in your refrigerator? There are a few ways that fresh spinach can be kept fresh for at most 10-12 days.

For refrigeration

1 Get rid of any damaged leaves (leaves yellowing).
2 Wrap spinach in moistened paper.

3. Put it in a baggie, or a plastic bag.
4 Hold the leaves up straight and place them in the vegetable container of your refrigerator.

It can cause injury to the spinach leaves if it is stored and laid. Make sure you keep it upright. It is convenient to keep it in a PET or large glass.

Before you put them in the refrigerator, be sure to take out any damaged leaves. You can then place it in the original packaging or plastic bag. Finally, store it upright in a PET bottles that have been cut in half.

Make sure you save in an upright place

If spinach is left sideways, it can cause severe damage and even death. It is best to keep the spinach upright in the fridge

Steps to be followed

Step 1. – Cut the leaves of the spinach at the beginning. This will make it easier to keep the spinach fresher for longer. Do not worry if you find leaves in the lower portion of the plant. They can be cut as well.

Step two – Wash the spinach with tap water. Allow them to soak for a few moments in your kitchen sink. After rinsing the spinach leaves, place them on a kitchen towel. Kitchen paper.

Step 3. Wrap the leaf in tissue paper or in paper towels. Squeeze a bit to loosen the air. Then, wrap the spinach tightly in Tupperware so that it is not in direct contact with air.

Step 4. – That’s all. You can use fresh spinach in any recipe. Simply open your Tupperware, remove the leaves, and seal it. It is important to keep it in a cool place.

It is possible to keep spinach indefinitely for up to 10-12 days. The properties of the leaf will not change.

4. Frozen

Spinach can either be frozen raw, or boiled.


Wash the spinach and dry it. Cut it into 2-3 cm pieces. It can become fragile when frozen, so make sure to take it out carefully before you use it.

It is possible to freeze the mixture for later use. It’s convenient because it can be reheated immediately in hot water or heated in a microwave oven.

After freezing

Boil the spinach, drain the water, then cut the pieces into bite-sized pieces. You can wrap each portion in plastic wrap and place it in a bag.

It can be thawed by itself and used to make sauces, pasta, and spicy sauces. But it’s so soft, that it can also be used in baby food.

5. Boil and save

For refrigeration

If it has been boiled, boil it briefly and then expose it to hot water. To drain the water from the container, squeeze it with your hands. Then wrap it in plastic wrap and place it in storage.

You can easily damage it if there is a lot of water left. It is therefore important to drain the water properly.

You can either use it plain or add it to miso broth.

It is easy to use because it is already in use. You can keep it in the fridge for 2 to 3 days.

6. You can save it as a paste

While it may take some time, you can also make boiled spinach paste and freeze it.

It’s great for soup and also makes it easy to make baby food.

The boiled spinach should be cut to approximately 5 cm.

Once it is done, place it in a freezer bag. It can be kept in the freezer for up to a month.

How long does spinach keep?

Winter is the season for spinach. Winter vegetables are best stored at 0-5 degrees C. Also, be mindful of where it is placed.

If you don’t treat it, your nutritional value could be compromised and you might not be able get the required nutrients. I want to know what the storage methods and how long they are stored so that I can eat healthy.

This is the storage guideline.

At normal temp

1 day in Summer and 2 days Winter


It takes around 3 days. Processing takes about 1 week to 10 working days.


You can cook for up to two weeks raw and boil for about a month

The storage period can be extended if proper processing is done. Let’s examine the storage procedure as well as the storage period.


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