What images come to mind when the term “blind” is mentioned? It’s easy to picture a man wearing sunglasses with a long stick and wearing dark glasses. However, have you ever wondered why blind people wear sunglasses. What is the reason for this? Sunglasses are necessary for some reasons. It is a common misconception that blind people wear sun glasses to conceal their eyes. This is false. We’ll find out what the benefits are and why you should wear them.

Why are blind people wearing sunglasses?

  1. Superior vision
  2. Sun protection
  3. Protection against mechanical stress
  4. Aesthetic reasons

1. Superior vision

The majority of the blind are not able to see. Contrary to popular belief most people who are blind do not have complete vision. They can, however, see or at least recognize certain types of visual cues.

According the American Foundation for the Blind

Legal blindness can be defined as a condition that results in vision loss beyond the threshold of eligibility for benefits. The clinical diagnosis is one with a central visual acuity less than 20/200 in the best eyes and/or a vision field less than 20 degrees. People with legal blindness often still have some vision.

People who are legally blind have a narrow field of view, sometimes called “tunnelvision”. These people need special glasses to help them better locate details and be able to orient themselves.

2. Sun protection

Shades are necessary to protect the eyes from harmful sunlight components, just as with people with normal eyesight. Exposure to UV rays for prolonged periods of time can cause eye inflammation, cataracts, and even some types of eye cancer. Wearing sunglasses is even more imperative for blind people because they have very limited or no ability to assess if their eyes are being exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays.

Blind people may wear regular shades that block UV radiation and dim the intensity of ambient lighting. However, some wear special shades to protect their eyes from harmful colors.

3. Protection against mechanical stress

Another reason blind people wear glasses, especially in public areas, is to inform others at a distance that they have “little/no vision”. They also wear a white cane, which indirectly warns others to be careful.

We can identify blind people by wearing black sunglasses and a white cane. This helps us be more cautious around them. Many people assume that the person sitting next to them is blind so they take extra precautions. This helps them travel more safely and without fear.

4. Aesthetic reasons

People with visual impairments often wear sunglasses to help them see clearly and keep them comfortable, especially when they are talking. It can be difficult for blind people, who may not be able to see the source of the sound, to maintain eye contact and establish eye contact. They also cover their eyes with glasses to prevent awkwardness during conversation.

People lose their sight after suffering severe injuries or tragic accidents. People tend to conceal their eyes when they see them, especially via social media.

There are many reasons that visually impaired people wear dark colors. While it is common to assume that all visually impaired people will be completely blind, this is often not true. They typically have a certain level of vision that allows them to function in everyday and social life.


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