What is cruelty-free makeup or cosmetics? Sometimes we can see that a cosmetics brand has been introduced with cruelty-free words. These words may also be accompanied by animal-free skin care products. If you take a look at the words, can you see what they mean? What does cruelty free cosmetics actually mean? Have a look at our website!

What does cruelty-free makeup even mean?

Cruelty-free means products are certified that they do not use animal experimentation and do not contain any animal ingredients to be used to treat animals. Therefore, cruelty-free cosmetics means cosmetics that are free from animal experiments and contain no animal ingredients.

What does the cruelty-free brand stand to represent?

Cruelty Free brand means to do these three things:

  • Do not commission or do animal experiments on your own.
  • Use only new materials that are safe for humans, and not animal experiments.
  • We will not sell cosmetics in countries where animal experimentation is required.

Today, there are over 500 cruelty-free beauty products on the market. All of these brands are recognized internationally.

What are the cruelty-free skin care and makeup products?

We have some cruelty-free products.

1. It is lush

Lush is a British cosmetics label. Its origins can be traced back as far as the 1970s. Lush’s current brand is an old one. It was established in 1994. Lush’s raw materials are all natural, sourced from all over the world. They use organic fruits, vegetables, flowers, and top-quality aromatherapy oils. Lush products don’t use animal testing, do not use artificial chemicals or preservatives and are simple to pack. Lush is the name many people associate with natural skin care products.

2. The

Athe, a vegan skin and beauty brand from Korea, is called Athe. Athe is a vegan brand that does not use animal ingredients. Athe’s products use one production line, and are certified by a vegan certification agency. The packaging is recyclable and environmentally friendly. Toners, creams for the eyes, eye, skin, and sprays are all included in the representative double lifting line. They all contain Swiss flower yeast that has been derived from two different fermentations. The ingredients are mild, natural, and have outstanding effects. It is gentle on the skin but also helps to protect it from environmental damage. The natural safety of the product, as well as the vegan brand concept, make it a very popular brand in Korea.

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3. ELF

The brand elf has a huge following in Europe, America, Australia, and elsewhere. Low-priced, high quality elf uses innovative technology. The pure plant-based formula is non-toxic and has no animal testing. It is a popular product among young people, and it is often featured in fashion media. It has both fashion and nature elements, so it’s worth a try.

4.Age of the People

Youth to The People is a USA-based brand that makes vegan skincare. The brand emphasizes the use of clean ingredients, vegan formulas, and eco-friendly packaging. The brand uses raw materials that have many health benefits, including some foods that can improve certain diseases and cold-pressed extracts. The exclusive distribution of scientific customization means that it can be made into environmentally friendly skin care products. Food can protect the skin. It sounds magical and effortless.

These natural skin products are an excellent choice if you want to live a vegan and learn more about cruelty-free cosmetics.


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