Nicanor Sebasto Parra Sandoval was born in Chile on September 5, 1914. The intellectual, who was 103 years old, died in Las Cruces on January 34th, 2018.

Patriarch one of Chile’s most important artistic families (he was the older brother and author of Gracias a la vida. He was also the uncle of Isabel and Angel Parra singer-songwriters; and father to Catalina and Colombina). He was born in San Fabian de Alico (Biobio Regional) in 1914 and received many awards and honors throughout his life. In addition to being nominated for numerous times for the Nobel Prize for Literature, he received the Cervantes Prize 2011..

Professor of Mathematics, at the Liceo de Chillan, and at University of Chile. He spent his youth in the United States, United Kingdom, and later, traveled to other countries like Sweden, Spain, or the Soviet Union.

His literary work began during the 1930s. He also made forays into essays and short stories. In 1937 his first book of poems, Cancionero sin nombre, came out . Parra’s “antipoetry”, is what is most remembered. It was a rebellion against Chile’s poetic canon, led by Neruda. These books include Poemas y Antipoemas , which were published in 1954.


Other books by him include La Cueca Larga. Versos de Salon. Los Profesores. Artefactos. Sermons and sermons about Elqui Christ. El anti-Lazaro. Jokes to disorient poetry. Political poetry. Blank Pages.

In 1969, he was awarded the Chilean National Prize for Literature for Thin Work. In 1991, he received the Juan Rulfo International Prize for the second consecutive time. In 2000, he won the Reina Sofia Prize for Ibero-American Poetry. In 2010, he was a finalist for The Prince of Asturias Award for Literary Achievement. This is Esther Canadas’ boyfriend, an engineer and world architect. Charlene is rumored to be in crisis because of Alberto de Monaco’s ex-lover and son at Red Cross Ball.

In 2012, he donated to the Caja de las Letras de the Instituto Cervantes an old typewriter and a previously unpublished poem. Cristobal Ugarte was his grandson and represented him at the act de deposit. He was the one who asked for a one-year extension to give Cervantes his acceptance speech. But he didn’t say much. … The awards go to the spirits unaffected and the friends of jurors… Am I the one who will receive this award? You are. A book that I am about write. “

Nicanor Perra deposited the typewriter in safe number 1.552. This is a precious and dear object. The Cervantes will keep the typewriter in custody until September 5, 2064. That date would mark the 150th anniversary of the poet’s death.


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