After Season 2 of Martial Universe, fans eagerly await Martial Universe Season 3. But, is season 3 going to be renewed or even announced? The show gained popularity because of its second season. A teaser was released at the end season 2 to get fans excited. This means that season 3 will be coming soon, but when exactly? Let’s see …..

Tencent Video broadcasted both the first and second season. The first season was a different one. Later, the two were combined to form one season. Although I expected season 3 to be updated quickly, there seem to have been major changes.

It is important that you know that the ratings for the first season “Martial Universe”, which came out in 2018, did not reach the same level as the second. This anime was similar to “Douluo Continent”, which was also up-dated at the time. However, I don’t know why. Magic Digital, who originally created the animation, decided not continue it. The rights of the show were transferred to another company by Magic Digital. The company has shifted the rights to another company. That show’s name is Dou Po.

If you don’t know what magic digital is, let me tell ya. They started two animes, “Martial Universe” & “Fights Break Sphere”, both of which have become very popular. Magic Digital won’t be making “Martial Universe”, like I said. It seems like the studio is spending a lot on two full-length fantasy novels as well as anime. Perhaps the studio realized after “Douluo Continent”‘s success that if they want to return to the market, it is necessary to give up one.


Lin Dong is the male protagonist. He is introduced by a mysterious seal to the art and science of cultivation. To improve his cultivation skills, Lin Dong travels the land. On his travels, he meets Ling Qingzhu (and Ying Huanhuan), and is romantically involved with both of them. Lin Dong is a highly respected cultivator because of his determination and determination. Lin Dong discovers more about the world’s darkest secrets while Lin Dong grows in power. Soon, Lin Dong discovers that the evil demon sect plans to take over the world. To defeat all evil and restore peace in the land, the three young men team up with righteous martial art to help them.

When Wu Dong Qian Kun episode 3 is going to be out? All this being said, fans need to understand that Martial Universe’s season 3 will be delayed. Many changes can be made now that the anime has been transferred to a new studio. The art style and design can also change. The studio’s updates will be updated periodically so we must keep our eyes open.


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