We will learn the difference between Manga and One Punch Man Webcomic today. How they interact. One punch man is a highly popular anime due to its outstanding action, story and artwork. ONE is the creator. He is a Japanese manga creator. The manga was published online in 2009 and broadcast by NHK on September 2, 2012.

It is an action manga of gag type featuring Saitama. He’s so strong that he can knock out all his foes with one punch. This is why it’s called ONE PUNCH MAN.

One punch man does not follow the traditional publishing model. It does not have a publication schedule and can be authored by multiple authors.

People often get confused about the art style and ask “Is the One Punch Man webcomic canon?” It is, believe it or not, cannon. It is the original source material used in the manga. The webcomic is first followed by the manga. However, the manga published by Murata is drawn by Murata. Then it becomes anime. However, the original manga is the web comic. Without it, there would be no manga.

The creation of web comics

This amazing webcomic was created in 2009 by ONE, a Japanese manga creator. It wasn’t intended to be a long-lasting series. He wanted to try out new graphics tablets and the accompanying software.

After experiencing unexpected success, the author decided to make it an extended series. Now it has nearly 140 chapters. The web comic story beats manga and anime, and is published first. Due to ONE’s other projects, we don’t receive the web comic version as often.

Visit the One-Punch Man subreddit to be informed when a new chapter has been released.

is the website where you can read the entire webcomic version for free. To read English translate version visit Mangadex. The web comic is not-for-profit. You can support the creator by purchasing manga publications.

The art style and quality of the web-comic

The webcomic and manga are vastly different. This is why people often wonder if webcomics are cannon. Many people feel that the web comic is a fan-made.

We see that ONE is not a bad artist. His drawing skills have improved over the years. However, ONE is skilled in drawing facial expressions. It is hard to not recognize this when you look at Yusuke Murata’s amazing drawing abilities in the Manga.

I highly recommend that you guys read the webcomic. You will find it interesting and entertaining. It is okay if the drawings are not interesting to you. You can just wait for Murata’s gorgeous drawings.

How One Punch Man manga created

He created the manga in 2009 after one punch man’s unexpected success. After that, he published a lot more chapters. Recognizing that recognition doesn’t pay bills, he decided to take a hiatus in order to find a job. He realized that the regular office job was not for him. He decided to take one year off and continue his work. He made it his mission to be a manga artist. Yasuke Murata, who was already a fan of ONE’s webcomic, met him around this time.

Murata was hospitalized because of his health problems. Murata was experiencing infected organs, and his windpipes were causing him difficulty to breathe. He was afraid for his own life. It was this realization that led him to draw the things he loves most, such as ONE’s comic. He was already a well-known artist. They met and shared a few stories. After that, one punch man was published.

Manga vs. Webcomic: The Difference in Story

Webcomic is the next in the story line. There are few key differences worth noting:

  • The original webcomic story is followed by the manga, which adds much more story. For example, the anime and manga’s tournament arcs actually didn’t take place in the comic.
  • A lot of characters appear to have had significant power gains
  • Some characters are also included in the manga.

Where can you read the manga

Like the web comic, the manga does not have a fixed publication date. They publish a new chapter approximately every two to three week. Each update may contain a different number of pages.

The webcomic is similar in that you can be notified whenever a new chapter is released by regularly checking One Punch Man subreddit. The chapter is immediately posted on the subreddit after it’s published. Murata publishes a chapter immediately on their subreddit. Once the chapter has been translated (which usually takes 12hrs), you can access it via subreddit. Once the raw scans have been approved by Murata, ONE and others, everyone can view it publicly. It is now easily available online. The published versions can be purchased to support the author or the artist. The majority of the versions are available on Amazon.

Is there any filler in the Manga?

As I said, manga is full of characters and story elements. Many manga readers feel that these characters are just fillers. These fillers are basically story elements used to lengthen the anime/time. They are not part the original story, and therefore they cannot be considered cannon.

One punch man season 2 features the tournament arc, something that never occurred in the original webcomic. Murata could not receive the source material because ONE was too busy with his other projects. Murata has added more elements to the manga to keep the cannon going. Actually, the additional elements are being added to fulfill ONE’s request.

It is also important to note that the first manga character isn’t just a filler. You can see that many of the heroes were first introduced to manga and its ranks. These characters could later be featured in web comics.

Bone, a B class hero, saved a C class hero from a bus that was attacked by a Demon-class Octopus. Flashy Flash defeated him later. Later, the same hero appears in the web comic. Manga has no filler.

Murata’s Influence in the Story

Murata is not able to come up with extra story elements. That’s why he does not have any influence over the story and manga. However, he’s an expert at drawing action scenes and uses his talents to add additional panels to fights. If he feels it necessary, he may alter some dialogue. However, these changes should be approved and accepted by ONE.

These changes often receive praise. Murata is one example of this. Murata also helped us get a great fight between Saitama (manga) and Boros (manga).

When should you begin to read the Webcomic?

It depends entirely on what you are trying to accomplish. Manga contains additional stories and scenes, which are more common in Season 1 than in Season 2.

  • If you love the anime’s first season but don’t want to watch the second, you can get Volume 8 (Chapter 37) of the manga.
  • After finishing Season 2, you can move on to Volume 17 (Chapter 86) of the Manga.
  • You can jump to the webcomic from Chapter 65 after the manga ends.

Some questions:

Where do I find the original One Punch Man webcomic online?

You can find the original webcomic “One Punch Man” on ONE’s official website

The web comic story outperforms the manga when compared to the manga. Manga is more than 10 years behind the web comic. This is why the web comic story moves faster.

Is the webcomic punch man’s one-punch cannon.

ANS – It is cannon. It is actually the original source material to the Manga.

Where can I start an OPM webcomic.

ANS – You can begin from Chapter 70 in the ONE Web Comic. Although it’s recommended to start at Chapter 52, manga diverges more and develops into plots. Webcomics add more detail.


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