You may notice that you gain weight faster as you age, particularly after 40. This is your new Chen Metabolismforce. You can lose weight if your diet changes and you eat more foods to improve your metabolism.

Metabolism is an important part of the human body. It has the main function of removing old waste, fats, and other substances from the body. Then, it replenishes the energy and nutrients that were ingested through food.

The metabolism also includes the basal metabolism, which is often mentioned. Slower basal metabolism will also cause obesity.

Metabolic control is closely linked to weight control. Your metabolism is what determines how much weight you can lose.

This is why it’s important to watch your diet. People in middle age may notice an increase of appetite but less weight. Zhu Ruijun is a dietitian who specializes on weight loss. She pointed out that the main causes of a decline in metabolism with age are:

* Deteriorations in Body Function: The body’s function will decrease with age, and metabolism may become more difficult.

* muscle Mass Reduction: If you have a high level of muscle mass, your basal metabolism rate will be high. However, easy muscle mass can decrease with age, growth and poor nutrition.

After 40, the average loss of muscle mass is 8% per ten years. Web MD, an American health-care website, pointed out that women should lose weight after 40, especially after menopause.

Toxicity accumulation: fat cells can store toxic organic compounds, and they accumulate with age. These toxins must be eliminated in order to make it possible to metabolize fat.

Not only is it important to maintain good exercise habits but also to improve metabolism.

Zhu Ruijun’s weight loss program encourages people with metabolic disorders to modify their diet. Add lots of fruits to your diet. A porcelain bowl that holds 240ml. Each bowl can be filled with different types of food.

A lot of fruits, vegetables and other foods can help to eliminate accumulated feces and decrease the amount of toxins. Vegetables and fruits contain phytochemicals that aid in detoxification.

Additionally, you can eat more foods that increase metabolism.

1. Oolong, green, Oolong, and Oolong teas contain catechins that can aid metabolism. Caffeine can also diureise and increase the basal metabolic rates.

2. Capsicum can aid metabolism

3. Citron: Cinnamon is a natural sweetener that can balance blood sugar levels and reduce belly fat. Cinnamon can also be used in tea, coffee, and boiling water. It is not possible to absorb all the braised pork sauce ingredients. This has no effect on fat accumulation. Braised pork with cinnamon is not recommended for people suffering from edema.

4. Turmeric: Can slow down the growth fat cells.

5. Fermented enzymes contain trace amounts of nutrients that are good for vegetables and fruits. Organic acids can also be added to help regulate the intestinal flora. Zhu Ruijun said that more intestinal bacteria can improve metabolism. If you are looking for commercially available fermented proteins, it is a good idea to go with a certified manufacturer. It is more reliable.

Other health foods such as bitter orange, African man, garcinia-cambogia, bitter-gourd peptides, fucoidan and green coffee extract can increase metabolism. . Different people will react to these products differently. It may be effective for some people, while others don’t. You might want to try other products.

Other foods such as protein, kelp (iodine), and banana (potassium) can all be easily consumed. A lack of nutrients, such as potassium, protein, iodine or potassium, can slow metabolism and make it difficult to eat balanced meals. Lack of.

Hydration is vital for metabolic function. Zhu Ruijun stated that drinking water does not “improve metabolism”, but that “the body cannot metabolize fat without water.” Three molecules of water are required to burn one molecule. The metabolism of fat can be stopped if you drink less water or don’t consume enough water.

You should drink water but not more. For different body types, the recommended water intake is different.

Daily water consumption by person: body weight x 40

Watering methods: Drink small amounts, drink 100cc to 200cc each time, and share the water throughout the day. For example, someone 50 kg should drink 2000cc per day, and 200cc every 1 – 2 hours.


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