Shopkeepers often add items in polythene or plastic coats after we purchase something. We usually throw away our items when we get back from the store. This means that it is about to be the most delusional period of the year. Because it takes between one hundred and five hundred years to completely dissolve a polythene layer in the soil. In the long term, this continues to cause harm to the environment.

Around 50,000 crores of polythene sheets are being dumped every year in the world. Half of it ends up in the ocean. Every year, more than a million marine mammals and tens of thousands of marine birds die prematurely. It’s not uncommon for humans to be affected. Eighty-three% of Americans have evidence of chemicals found in the bodies of binols-A (plastic).

It is illegal to use polythene. It is a criminal offense to use. All around the world, plastic and plastic materials have been used to make pyramids out of waste. Space is not the only place where plastic can be used, but Earth. Due to its availability, it is becoming more accessible every day. Cuttack in six cities is our state’s twin city.

Because it is too expensive to recycle, this poses a risk to wildlife. According to some, the sea is the largest ocean in the world. Plastic water bottles had been found to have polluted seawater. However, plastic bottles are not the only problem. Plastic bottles and every other piece of plastic, including the tiny micro-plastics from factories, are also a source of pollution.

According to the National Institute of Oceanography, plastic material pollution will be a major problem in the next days.

“It just happened to us then. It is one the 10 biggest obstacles to the survival and progress of the human race.

Plastic fragments are harmful to the marine lifecycle. You can eat fish, whales, seals and sea turtles. This causes problems in their digestion.

Also, landfills located at the bottom affect the availability and quality of natural food. According to the American Journal of Science (AJS), 285 million tonnes of plastic trash are dumped annually in coastal countries. 12.6 Million tonnes of that plastic waste is directly mixed with water.

Washington DC released data for 2015 showing that an average of 10-20,000,000 tons of plastics enters the ocean every year. According to recent estimates, 5.25 trillion plastic bag are currently found in the sea. Each year, the marine environment is being degraded by an estimated $ 13 million.

According to the board. India produces 7 million tonnes of plastic every year. A University of Georgia study has found that India ranks eighth for managing plastic waste. India has been facing a crisis due to its use of plastics. Indians use an average of 8 kg of polythene each year.

China is the first country to rank in this order. China is the first country to use polythene. A mere 7% of the waste generated in coastal India is properly managed. One plastic bag will remain the same for 1,000-years. Even if it’s mixed with soil, it can cause toxins. Some cases can cause cancer. India has an average of 7 percent plastic recycling. It means that more half of it is being disposed.

In these cases, the government should tighten regulations on plastic usage. It’s time for her to go and we can move on.


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