The Vedas covering the entire human race include a total number of 20,500 mantras that are written in Vedic language close to the Sanskrit languages. Rigveda Yajurveda Samaveda Atharvaveda How should man work in the Vedas, which are divided into four parts? What will his duty be to the country and to the family of the society? There is guidance. This knowledge can be used to help man’s overall development. Vedic knowledge was given the four sages Agni (vayu), Aditya, Aditya, and Angira.

It is believed that the four Sages’ hearts were so sacred, Vedic knowledge only was revealed to them. God is all-powerful and inspires the hearts of the Sages.

From the time of the Vedas, to the rule by God, the divine government has been guiding human beings in a peaceful life. Unfortunately, the Vedas and God have been abandoned over the years. But, the campaign was born after the Vedas to restore Vedas were initiated by Swami Dayananda . However, he was a victim to superstition during his time.

He is polluting young people’s minds. He was forced into death by drinking poison Hemlock. Maharshi dayananda was also poisoned and died the same way. Galileo was poisoned to death by scientists if this is true. Scientists have tried to persuade Galileo that the truth would be revealed, as superstitious people have refuted religious superstitions. What she was actually given was the following. Buno said that scientists used kerosene to set them ablaze. According to some reports, the ambassador gave the information the complainant.

Maharshidayananda Saraswati’s unfailing efforts are immeasurable and will continue to be so.

The Vedas state that it is man’s highest duty and honor to relieve the pain of the poor. This is the essence Vedic knowledge. This means that man can give services to others, such as feeding the hungry, watering the thirsty, providing clothing for the homeless, and giving wisdom to the inept. The best way to worship God is through service. Humans consider worship to be limited to the worshiping of stone or wood idols. We must expand the worship of the service sector to include idol worship.

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The Vedas represent the first knowledge of all things, and so it is questionable why they were kept from common people by keeping the Sanskrit language out of common people’s reach in the Brahmin-dominated society.

People have largely abandoned Vedic studies in the language. In the past, the ashram education system taught its disciples to speak Sanskrit, and then they studied the Vedas and other scriptures. For reasons that were already well-established, the Sanskrit Language became inexpensive in its homeland over time.

Some Sanskrit mantras still appear in the faces today of some Brahmins doing this work. The hope of increasing Bedri’s popularity in such a situation seems miraculous. However, it should be noted that Vedic knowledge is growing in popularity abroad. This is why it is imperative that we make concerted efforts to secure the Vedas’ dominance in India.


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