The essence of human imperfection. This name is likely God. God is good always. He is generous to all those who obey him. The other is man, who is selfish from birth. He will do what is best for his health and control his own life.

He finds happiness in the praises of others, but he doesn’t accept his critics as his. Man is always incomplete and unable to see the world through the prisms of selfishness.

God, who is so independent, is inexhaustible and invisible because He is the possessor all divine qualities. He sees everything equally, regardless of whether it is praise, condemnation, or enemy-friend. His divine consciousness can only be reached through faith in man.

Another belief is that the first God appears in myths at different times and in different incarnations. The existence of this first God can only be confirmed within the four walls and boundaries of faith. However, some human beings are believed to be the second God, and they move into the physical world.

They are just like God. They care about the well-being, dignity, personality, strength, and ability of everyone, whether they are good or bad, rich and poor. It’s the right thing to be decent, and it should end there.

The doctor is another name for this second God. God creates a human body and then sends it into the universe. However, the experts who maintain the health of the cells are equally important to God. The human body is subject to intense burning and various injuries.

This goddess seems to be bought in exchange for Sina, a small amount. Sina is, in reality, the relief that comes out of the grateful heart of deaf-mouthed men, with a little laughter and tears.

Ironically, these gods have sacrificed some of their goddesses and the sacrifices are more delicious than the monsters. People are so motivated by the desire to make money that they accidentally fall prey to a serious disease like money. The consequences can be severe. It is difficult to cure the disease once it has been attacked. While the money sickness attack can lead to a great deal of spiritual attainment, it is not possible to attain the same level of divine attainment without a lot of hardwork.

Instead, he extends a corpse to the original person within himself, and a monstrous demonic demon to his corpse, who in all of his demonic behavior, takes over the Kansa, Ravana, and the Puranas. Payouts for the poor patient are not guaranteed. If you don’t make enough money to purchase a prescription, it may be necessary to remove the patient’s kidneys and put them to sleep on an operating table. Arthasur, how oppressive!

Today’s consumerist society is seeing the unfortunate side of doctors who are becoming more demon-possessed to become the second god of their faith. People from all walks of society are racing to solve the problems presented by materialistic modernity. Doctors, on the other hand, are falling behind and treating themselves as gods. How can God satisfy all our modern-day needs? What value is that second God when engineers, ministers, and bureaucrats can be employed to improve the future through their own prosperity, sending justice principles and morals off leave? !

All things in the world are being weighed in balance. Doctors’ health care, however, is also being weighed in the prescribed amount. You should be available for the services and skills of doctors. Let the wealthy live and enjoy their wealth. Let the poor curse their poverty and die. These languages belong only to the poor. They are not able to afford the high-end health care that today’s society requires and they proudly blame God. He is not able to comprehend the language of his pride, obsession, or the first God that calls them creators. He also does not have the heart to care for his health, and the doctors who call themselves the second God. The taste of bitterness is a new experience.

Shankar Gowda (a Niara doctor) is not affiliated with any hospital or nursing home. Patients watch as they sit on the wall at a small burning shop in the middle of the street. From 8 a.m.-12 p.m. she walks in the same place to see her patients. The rest of the time, she sits on her living-room porch. He must have made a lot by contracting with a nursing home or private hospital, or even having his own well-equipped chamber. He is now treating patients who are in need of treatment. This contrasts with the promise he made to himself before he became a doctor.

Also known as Vedas, Vedic knowledge of human life

Dr. Shankar Gowda was born into a poor family. His father died in his youth, and he never received treatment. He had made a vow not to allow his father to be rushed into the cemetery on the day his father died. He was able to fight his own poverty by obtaining medical education through great difficulty. He eventually became a doctor.

Her first decision was not to make it easy for her family, but to improve their lives. She returned to pediatrics as a pediatrician. There was also plenty of opportunity to work in government or connect to any private hospital. However, he did not remember his father’s recent vows. Boss later took a new path, a journey that led him to swearing-in. Boss’s journey of giving patients to the roadside at five rupees earned him a unique identity and an extraordinary reputation as a Panchatankia physician across the state.

Panchtankia Nick, Dr. Gowda’s Panchtankia Nick, opens at 8 AM every morning. To pay for a doctor who is beyond their power, they wait in long lines at this poor clinic where patients are far away from sitting and there is no chair to rest on. On the other side of the wall, Dr. Gaud sits down and each patient takes down the prescription of the generic drug at the lowest price. He collects five rupees from each person and charges a fee. This is only noticed by the elderly or beggars. The patient Dr. Gaud visits in his house, however, is totally free.

If there’s a chance to exploit doctors, someone becomes sick. In this world where life is taken for fear of death and thousands are forced to pay thousands of rupees for medical examinations, even if they’re not necessary, or if the disease has been cured, it is still impossible to live. Even with all the misery that accompanies a second God like him in the fight of bloodthirsty monstrosities, life seems impossible.


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