Shaquille Robins Death Charlotte Nc will discuss her death, what happened, and what her mother said.

Have you seen the viral fighting video that shows two men in a room? Are you able to recognize her? Unfortunately, one of them has passed away. Shanquella Robinson, one of them, died mysteriously. However, Shanquella’s autopsy report is deeply disturbing. People want justice for Shanquella.

People Worldwide are now discussing jealousy in friendship, and how to avoid it. To learn more, let’s read Shaquille Robins Death Charlotte Nc .

What was Shanquella Robinson’s Cause of Death? How did she get to her death?

Because it is still not known how Shanquella died, Shanquella’s death motive is a mystery to everyone. Shanquella’s death cause is different from her friend’s perspective. Shanquella, 25, died while on vacation with her friends. To celebrate one of their friends’ birthdays, they stayed in Cabo San Lucas. Shanquella died that day. Shanquella’s friend told her mother by phone that Shanquella had died from food poisoning or liquor poisoning.

What happened to Shanquella on Oct 28th?

Robinson’s mother claims that the last Shanquella said to her that she had reached there and shared a meal with some friends. Salamondra Robinson (Shanquella’s mother) received a phone call that night from a friend indicating that she was ill and needed rest.

Later, she was informed that doctors were still on the way and that someone had diagnosed her with liquor poisoning. One of them told her that she couldn’t get her pulse. Each of the stories were different, according to her mother. Salamondra was later called to report that she had succumbed to alcohol poisoning.

What’s in the Full Fighting Mexico Viral on Reddit ?

Her mother didn’t believe the story of their friend, so her family contacted FBI. The death certificate listed the cause of death as severe spinal cord injury and instability at the uppermost vertebrate.

A fighting video in which one video recorded said “Quella”, is now viral on the internet.

Shanquella Obituary, Passed Away & Funeral:

Shanquella was declared deceased at 3:00 p.m. Shanquella was declared dead by her friend at 3 p.m. Although Ig date, time and date of the viral video are not confirmed, it is believed that she was declared dead 20 minutes after being beaten. The body was returned to the family last Thursday. A funeral will take place over the weekend.

Shanquella Robinsonabout Shanquella Parents, Father, Mother, Family and Kids/Children

Shanquella Robinson was the child of Bernard Robinson and Salamondra Robinson.

She was a dedicated and hardworking girl, often called Quella by her friends. Shanquella sister name is Quilla Long. She was single and owned The Exquisite Boutique, and The Exquisite kids’ haircut-braiding.

Was Shanquella Married? Husband, Girlfriend, Boyfriend:

After watching the viral Tweet video,everyone started talking about jealousy and suggesting that such friends should be avoided. She wasn’t married, and was vacationing with her best friends. Unfortunately Shanquella will never be able to return home to her parents.

Shanquella wiki, Biography, Personal Life:

Full NameShanquella Robinson
Date Of Birth1997 was born
Zodiac SignNot known
ProfessionThe Exquisite Boutique – Businesswoman
AgeShe was 25 years old when she died
BirthplaceCharlotte, NC
EducationWinston Salem State University graduate

Shanquella’s Facebook and Instagram accounts:

  • IgAccount:
  • Shanquella Facebook: We have one of the search results for Shanquella Robinson’s name on Facebook.


Mexican authorities claim that they are currently investigating the Shanquella murder case. We pray for Shanquella’s family to be safe and for justice. Watch the video made by Nazeer Wiggins.


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