The Tyson Foods Ground Beef Recall article explains the Tyson product recall process and lists the products that were recalled within the Texas region.

Are you a big fan of Tyson ground meat? Are you a fan of Tyson HEB beef?

Next, it is time to verify the product’s name and expiration dates. Tyson has recalled contaminated products from Texas, United States. This Tyson Foods Ground Beef Recall article is about the products being recalled.

Why was Tyson Products Recalled?

Tyson, a well-known beef brand is suspected to contain trace amounts of mirror-like reflective substances in its products.

Only the H-E B ground beef products and Hill Country Fare (HCF) were contaminated.

These contamination announcements were made by the USDA, the United States Department of Agriculture.

The Tyson company announced that it would recall approximately 94,000 pounds of these HCF/HEB products.

Heb Ground Beef Recall 2022

Tyson Ground beef recall news is trending online, and people are panicking about their products. Tyson has clarified the product listing and selling areas in order to alleviate any tensions.

These are the product specifications for the recall products:

  • HCF beef in 10-pound tubs with lean and saturated fat percentages of 73 % and 27% respectively.
  • HCF beef in 5-pound tubes with lean and saturated fats of 73 % and 27% respectively.
  • 5-pound HEB beef tubes in 5-pound containers with lean and saturated fats of 80 and 20 percent, respectively.

All these products had a best-before date of November 25, 2022.

For your convenience, we have included images of the products below.

Heb Ground Meat Recall

Nearly 42637kg of beef products from the Texas region were recalled. Our health can be affected if we eat contaminated products that contain forging materials.

Tyson beef products have not been proven to cause any harm. There are no medical symptoms the public has reported. This shows that Tyson and USDA teams have sped up the process and saved lives.

People are advised to verify all details before buying Tyson HCF or HEB products.

Ground Beef Recall Texas Texas 2022

HCF and HEB products were found in Central Market, Mi Tienda and Joe V’s stores. All of the contaminated products have been removed. These stores are located in Texas so Texas residents must be vigilant.

Common people may have accidentally brought the product. They should return it. Get your refund.

To clear any confusion regarding recalls of products, the Tyson Company also provided its customer service number. 855-432-4438, 800-643-3410.


The Tyson Company has acknowledged its error and made every effort in its power to recall its products. This is admirable and we hope that the company will learn from it.

Tyson Foods Ground Beef Recall: FAQ

  1. What are the recalled Tyson Ground Beef Products?

Recalled were HCF and HEB beef products.

  1. How do we deal with a contaminated product?

Customers have the option to return their products for a full refund.

  1. What was the contamination in the beef?

Although the exact material is not known, it appears to be a small mirror-like reflective material.

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