This article will provide you with information about the new website as well as details regarding the controversy between two celebrities in Hollywood.

Did you know that Chris Rock and Will Cruz were involved in an academy award ceremony? There are many memes about this incident. Today, there is a site that allows you to slap Chris.

The Academy award is a big show for countries such as Italia, Canada and the U. s His or her movie was recognized by many other countries and states. Two actors present the website online.


Many memes and funny material were shared on social media platforms about the slap and the joke that followed. Tyler Hamilton, an internet developer, creates an internet website that allows you to slap Chris Rock virtually and records your speed.

It is funny how you take advantage of someone’s grief in an award function and give us a completely free video game. It’s funny to see Chris rock slap Chris often with different styles and speeds.

What happens in an Oscars reveal that focuses Slapchrisrock Com?

Chris Rock entertained the crowd with jokes and standup comedy throughout the night. But Will Cruz was furious at one comment.

He leaps up from his spot, slaps Chris in front of everyone on the stage and tells him not to joke about his wife. Chris laughs and jokes about everything, but everyone in the audience was shocked by the shocking act of the actor.

It may be the only idea. But, is it reliable enough to consider in?

What are people saying about the game? users say that they enjoy the sport. Although there’s no profit in farmville, the audience can enjoy the pleasure of slapping Chris Rock repeatedly. You can also compare the speed of your slap and record it so you can share it with your friends.

You can also test farmville for relaxation and fun, and to have some laughs. It is funny how the slap becomes a funny movement for everyone except the two people involved in the debate.

What will you do to play Slap Chris Rock?

To experience farmville, you will need to visit Slapchrisrock com. Next, click on the slap Emoji and hold it. To increase the speed of the slap, slide the slap Emoji for Chris Rock faster.

The web site will track your speed and you can go ahead and have unlimited opportunity to slap Chris Rock.

Final Ideas

It’s unclear if Chris Rock or Will Cruz are aware of the website, but many people love it and take their stress away from it. You can also take part in the Chris Rock Slap Game and have a blast at

Would you like to support Will Smith’s actions at the Oscars? We invite you to share your opinions in the comments section below.


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