Social media, friendship andSocial media are now the buzzword. On a daily basis, social media is being used by more people. Because of racial or ethnic barriers, people continue to connect on social networks. It has a significant impact on not only our personal lives, but also our definitions of friendship.

When the button on the phone’s mobile phone is pressed, the person has the chance to make a friend. Within a few minutes, all the good news will be on the other side. Even though our friendship is still new, we continue to ignore many of the sensitive issues. It is too early to assess its merits. It is an integral part Mahabharata of our culture to make friends, to observe the religions and friendships, sometimes by witnessing faith and sometimes just by being there.

This is not common in this country, where one runs the risk of losing a friendship. This frindship has its foundation in the need for social media friendships to be understood.

Although the enemy may always be our friend, there’s no guarantee that our friend will be a friend forever. Although it is common to be reluctant in sending a friend a message expressing friendship, this can easily be done on social media.

It is entirely up to the friends of each other to decide what can or cannot be done in relation friendship on social networks. This friendship usually starts with a few words, phrases, and sometimes, the friendship lasts for a long period of time without them even knowing each others. An Austrian friend might be able to communicate with an African friend.

A boy from india might fall in love with a San Francisco woman. You can send money from Cuttack to a Korean friend. The definition of frendship has been redefined by social media, but it has also become more diverse.
There are many philosophies about friendship in Indian culture.

The Indian philosophy states that anyone who puts themselves in danger, whether at a festival, in a palace, or in a cemetery are true friends. Social media friendships can be just as emotional. It might not be possible for you to reach out and touch the good. When it comes to making friends on social media, trust and similarity seem to be the most important. It is important to trust and agree on the same issues so that friendships can grow.

Although it may not be something that people are proud to boast about, there are many people who are proud of their social network friendships. However, it is important that you recognize the difference between quality friendships and numerical friendships. Social media has provided us with the opportunity and inspiration to make more friends and expand the boundaries of friendship. But we shouldn’t forget our existing friends. We can’t fault social media for this. Because friendship is an art, and each person has to create it.


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