According to statistics and surveys of relevant people, the relationship between blood type & marriage has approximately the following 13 combinations.

1. Type B husband and Type C wife. While both husbands and wives are cautious and reserved, they will be open to welcoming neighbors into their homes and being welcomed by them. They have few emotional disagreements and are a great couple.

2. O-type spouse and O-type husband. While it may appear that the wife appears more prominent, on the inside the husband is holding the rope in place. It cringes because it is too conservative.

3. Type B husband and wife. It is easier to lead a honest, well-mannered spouse than a free-spirited one, especially when her husband has been hurt. These things will forever become a grudge.

4. Type AB husband and wife. Wives are often coquettish to husbands. They are strong and will appreciate the unexpected actions of their spouses. The husband can easily fall into his environment and the wife is the stimulus of his life.

5. O/type husband and O/type wife. This is the same stubborn, rigid couple. They will fight for control of each other soon after marriage. But, no matter what happens, the couple usually ends up with a woman-dominated situation.

6. Type O wife and husband. It seems like this husband and woman type has a man in power. But in reality, this type A spouse is the one who saved her husband. The husband of weak blood is fighting for his wife unknowingly.

7. Type A husband and type B wives. A steady husband, and a hardworking spouse. A man is a person who has the spirit and a woman the appearance of one. But if the husband suppresses the wife too much, they will have a difficult relationship.

8. AB type wife and husband. This is a couple that has no emotional connection. It is like a mixture of a dull man and a passionate wife. It’s important to be able or willing to compromise with each other.

9. Type A husband and Type A wife. This is a happy couple who wants to do everything they want, without worrying and be happy. They sometimes fail because they don’t plan ahead. It seems that the wife must exert more effort to manage certain actions.

10. Type-B husband and type-A wife. Men who are good at reason can easily play with wives. Husbands can ignore the worldly conventions of wives and have a bit of vanity. This is why there are no problems with them and it is easy for disputes to arise between the two.

11. Type A husband and type O wives. It’s usually the husband and wife who are in control. A type-B husband likes to play tricks, but a realistic wife won’t be fooled. So that the family is not afraid, it is better for the wife to not overreach her husband.

12. Type A husband and AB wife. This couple is full of creativity, individuality, and imagination. They will not be limited by these secular conventions or forms. It is the woman who holds the supreme power. You will also find many wives who put their passions into work in order to be successful.

13. A type husband and a type wife. This is a difficult couple to understand. They believe that their best friend is each other. It is important to note that their relationship can become strained if they get too close.


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