• First, equip the crossbow to your inventory. Then, hold down Tab and select the crossbow in the appeared menu. By default, the middle mouse click activates the crossbow. You can get by without the crossbow, as it does very little damage.
  • To use the crossbow in Witcher 3 select it from your uniform, dress it, and press Tab. Next, choose “Crossbow” menu. Finally, use the mouse (the wheel, or the middle mouse button) to control the crossbow. All the best with your hunting endeavors!
  • The role of the crossbow in “The Witcher-3”, is crucial. You cannot, for example, bring the griffin down to the ground if you don’t have a crossbow. Its attacks from the air can prove fatal. Additionally, the crossbow can be actively used underwater.
  • To use this weapon, you will need a crossbow. You can shoot with the mouse wheel from the crossbow.
  • The one-handed crossbow can be used as a ranged gun. This weapon is extremely effective for underwater combat. It can be used as follows: first, choose a crossbow. Then move its slot. Click tab (using spell signs to click it and select), then click and shoot.

1) By grabbing the kolsiko with your mouse, you can aim at the target. Upon release, it will be proizvedn. Takim you can aim for opredelnye on the opponent’s body. (Blows to head or back are critical and will cause more damage).

2) The second method is faster. You have to look at your enemy (to assess his health), then press and release the mouse button. A blow hits the body.

A crossbow does not do much damage, and it takes patience to kill an enemy with it. But don’t underestimate its utility. You can use it to defeat enemies who are in the mood for attacking you. It is useful against both monsters and people. Similarly, you can also use a crossbow with ease to take out the enemy flying overhead (garipias, griffins, wyverns and other winged creatures).

  • You must first set up a crossbow. Here are the necessary functions:

Shooting may seem unusual at first glance, especially if you spend a lot of time playing other games. But, once you learn to slow down and get lost in the game, you will feel only positive emotions.

  • The keyboard key “Tab,” which allows you to use a crossbow and bomb in a video game, is used. The mouse wheel controls either the weapon or its middle button. The crossbow is the new weapon that Geralt created. It only appeared in “The Witcher 3”. It is most commonly used underwater.
  • The Witcher 3 game features a battle with flying monsters. The best weapon in the game is the crossbow. After you confirm the action using the middle mouse button or wheel, will already have the weapon in his hand. He is now able to hit the enemy accurately with his mouse button or wheel.

The following actions are required to use the crossbow from Witcher 3:

  1. We took the crossbow from the inventory and applied it to ourselves.
  2. Press TAB to select the crossbow in the menu.
  3. The mouse wheel can be used to control the crossbow. While the crossbow is not the main weapon for Witcher 3: The Witcher 3 Game, it can be used to control flying creatures.
  • To use the crossbow in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, you must follow the steps below: In the inventory, place the crossbow in your hero’s gear slot. Next, press the Tab key, select the weapon from the menu (in this instance it is a crossbow), and click on the mouse wheel to fire a shot.


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