In a country like India, some BA graduates may be able to rise up but most BA graduates generally earn little money that’s only enough to make ends meet. A MA or Master in Arts degree is a surefire way to improve not only your skills and knowledge but your earnings as well. A master’s degree can open a door of opportunities for you and help you grow and push you a step further towards success in your career. You can choose from a variety of programs to get your degree in fields such as business, education, or science. MA degrees are also a great way to add to your undergraduate degree and pursue a career path in which you have more specific knowledge.

In this article, we will talk about all the ways a MA degree can enhance your career prospects.

WHAT IS MA (Master of Arts)?

As per the norms of the department of humanities and social sciences, a Master of Arts is a 2-year course that provides a Master’s degree to students in their preferred domain. A Master of Arts degree is a course that students can pursue after their Bachelor’s degree. Students have the option to do their Master’s degree as either a simple MA or they can choose a specific subject, i.e. MA in English, to complete their degree in that specific subject career. A Master of Arts may sound like a degree in Arts but it is more of a study of liberal arts.

What are liberal arts you may ask? Liberal arts has always been to create knowledgeable, upright, moral, eloquent, inquisitive people who can express their views clearly, know how to carry them out, and search for and utilize available resources.

The Master of Arts degree is frequently equated to a master’s degree in science, which is mostly chosen by science students.

Difference between MA and MSC?

Probably the best way to explain the difference between the two degrees is that a Master of Arts degree is more mainstream and socially centric than a Master of Science degree today, cultivating a wider spectrum of social skills in addition to the theory and practice of the chosen discipline.

In contrast, the MSc degree places a strong emphasis on scientific knowledge, which makes sense while working in fields like finance or medicine. For those interested in postgraduate research, MSc is a better option. Humanities and social science studies majorly focus on Master of Arts as all the major subjects are related to the humanities stream.


• In a MA degree, the student is taught to perform more efficient and in-depth research in the subject matter which is beneficial and required to perform an efficient job for your company.

• Along with research, skills like logical thinking, critical analysis, problem-solving skills, communication and writing, and oral expression are also brushed up to a professional level.

• A MA degree prepares you to apply theoretical knowledge to current real-life problems.


When this decade is gone, innovation will undoubtedly be the one term that best describes it. It is incalculably valuable. Knowledgeable, well-read, busy, curious minds that know where to go for inspiration are the seeds of innovation. The biggest benefit of a Master of Arts degree is its multidisciplinary nature, which enables you to explore a variety of areas, themes, and concerns and learn how to draw links between them, and extract information that can be valuable when circumstances call for it.


We all know the realities of competition in today’s world, even with a plethora of candidates pouring out of every street and corner there is a huge demand for better candidates with more knowledge and a better understanding of things. Being just a BA graduate in a world overflowing with overqualified candidates will not suffice. Hence a MA degree can really put you in a higher peddle of success for you to climb higher and higher from then on.


Many people might wonder if a master’s degree is worth it. Doing a master’s degree is not cheap but you have to look at it as a form of investment. According to studies, an average BA graduate in India, depending on their skills and experience, can earn between INR 2.5 L to INR 5 LPA. However, a MA graduate can earn between INR 3.10 L to 6 LPA.


The capacity to influence and direct followers or other members of the group is referred to as leadership. The completion of a master’s degree teaches students endurance, intellectual prowess, and the capacity to set a lofty objective and accomplish it under pressure.

You must manage obligations outside of school as an adult student. The capacity to complete tasks while balancing other obligations demonstrates leadership and tenacity in pursuing an objective.


No one can deny that a master’s degree opens doors. Since the majority of upper-level positions in any profession require a graduate degree, one of them does indeed lead to a corner office. Additionally, a master’s degree can assist you in expanding your expertise so that you can work in both fields inside and outside of your current one.

Given that one-third of your life is spent working, advanced degrees provide you the freedom to ensure that you are always motivated and involved in what you do for a career.


At Mansarovar Global University (MGU), the Master of Arts is one of the most famous courses after graduation. Being one of the best MA Colleges in Bhopal, MGU offers a wide range of specializations in the MA program. There are a number of subjects and fields in which you can specialize in MA after your bachelor’s degree, to enhance your career prospects. Some popular MA courses in India are:-

MA Language (English, French, German, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese/ Mandarin, Greek, Japanese, and Latin), MA English, MA Economics, MA Psychology, MA Philosophy, MA Sociology, MA Religious Studies, MA Geography, MA Literature, MA Library & Information Science, MA International Relations, MA Marketing, MA Human resources, MA Business law, MA Accounting, MA Finance, MA Journalism.

Top MA colleges in Bhopal:-

Indeed, MGU is the best private university in MP and it is well known because of its quality education and multiple MA programs such as MA History, MA Social Work, MA English, and much more. It also has the best faculty that has years of experience in providing fruitful information. Apart from this, India has countless MA colleges that also provide MA programs in both full-time and distance modes such as Delhi University(in both full-time and part-time,) IGNOU (Distance), and JawaharLal Nehru University, Delhi(Full-time).


If you are considering a master’s degree, the answer is simple. A master’s degree in education is an excellent way to help you advance your career and find your passion. If you are someone who is passionate about the way things work, or if you have a deep desire to learn, then a MA degree is for you. If you enjoy the challenge of learning and want to further your knowledge, a MA degree could be for you. There are many different types of MA degrees that can help you take your career to the next level. You can find all types of master’s programs at MGU with top faculty, best placement, scholarship and reasonable fees.


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