Nuclear power I was just writing this when I came across an interesting Facebook post. The poster stated that he was holding an Atom; now the virus is scary. It just happened to us then. To deal with the enemy, we have nuclear bombs near us. But now, the virus is threatening our lives.

In terms of nuclear, India has conducted its two nuclear test, Pokhran-1, and Pokhran-2 in May. The first nuclear test in India was on May 18, and the second on May 11 and 13.

Our neighbor, Pakistan, is well aware that India does not have nuclear power. He continues to wage covert and open war on India. One year ago, India faced Pakistan in the Kargil war.

Ten years later Mumbai was attacked by terrorists. From Uri to Pulwama, terrorist attacks have taken place on India in the ensuing years.

“It just so happened that we noticed then that India’s nuke program did not intimidate Pakistan.” Pakistan, in fact, has been made a nuclear-armed country by India’s nuclear capability. India seems to have not made significant progress in peaceful use of nukes and peaceful use. India has not yet achieved significant success in producing electricity from nuclear power.

Many argue that nuclear testing might not be the right choice in a country going through financial difficulties. Many humanists claim that this is counter to our national consciousness, which sends peace and harmony around the world. Individuals who wish to see India as an economically powerful country have a different opinion. Indian defense expert K.S. Subramaniam believes that nuclear weapons do not have the same characteristics as ordinary weapons. India has shown through nuclear testing, that it is an active participant in the defense system of the world and in Patiala.

Political analysts believe that the Indian government made this decision to create favorable conditions for the two nuclear test.

Also known as The Corona world – With Many Questions

The country was swept by patriotism after such an experiment. After the Pokhran-1 testing, Indira Gandhi the Prime Minister and Atal Bihari Vajpayee both softened their positions in a single weak moment. Indira Gandhi, the sole leader, declared a temporary state of emergency shortly after Pokhran-1. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was eventually able to bring down a corrupt government following Pokhran-2.

According to experts, nuclear war is unlikely to occur again. Because it is obvious that the human race has seen evidence of its dangers. “It was just brought to our attention then. It is not practical to have such a power. Instead, it will be the economic growth, cultural advancement, and social upliftment that any nation will have that is its true power. Now, the coronavirus epidemic has shown us how the global catastrophe that could strike the entire human race can occur in such a way it has the nuclear ability to address it.


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