All genera in the mammalian Lagomorpha group Langsideare often referred to as “rabbits”. Many people I know who are passionate about animals love rabbits. What do I do if the rabbits have made their cage smell bad? How can the rabbit’s cage not smell bad? How to keep the rabbit cage smelly? Today’s lesson will show you the tricks and techniques for cleaning the cage.

You can improve the air quality and cleanliness of the area where rabbits are kept. You can give your rabbit a bath, if it’s still dirty. What methods does it use? The main method is to make sure the baby is comfortable in his nest. Use bamboo or other products that have adequate ventilation. You can also place soil in the basket to absorb urine smells.

Also, soil and cages are often sprayed regularly with 84 disinfectants. The baskets must be cleaned frequently! Avoid eating leafy vegetables or leaves. More nutritious are leaves. Your rabbit will poo in your room if it vomits. It will continue to urinate in that same spot every time. These cages will not become as dirty. Some cages need to be cleaned every two weeks. After that, they are wiped with 84 disinfectants before being left out in the sunlight. They are extremely clean!

There are several ways to reduce the smell in rabbits

It is best to not wash rabbits under three months of age, or during winter. If they don’t dry quickly enough, hypothermia could result. Because the rabbit’s body temperature is higher, it is best to heat the water higher if the rabbit is taking a bath. This ensures that the rabbit won’t be stressed out and performs better.

It is best to apply the bodywash to rabbits if cats are using it. Use human shampoos and other body washes to wash your rabbit’s hair. You should rinse your rabbit’s hair in a tub to remove any shampoo left behind. Your rabbit may be able lick the shampoo. Poisoning. You can get poisoned by washing your hands. Next, dry your hair with a hair dryer. To prevent any emergency situation, it is important to stop the dryer immediately if your rabbit doesn’t like the dryer or is afraid.

Tips for cleaning rabbit cages

  1. First, choose a safe disinfectant.
  2. During disinfection, keep the rabbits away.
  3. You should rinse and dry the item thoroughly after disinfection.


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