Luffy is the main protagonist, but there are many mysteries surrounding him, especially his family. Fans only know that Luffy is the son of Monkey D. Dragon (the World Government’s main character), and his father. Fans have come up with many theories to explain the absence of information regarding Luffy’s genealogy. One fan mentioned that Luffy is a noble descendant. Is that true? Watch the video or read the article below.

Noble Ribbons

The Fish-Man Arc can be seen the Noble Ribbons. You will also see all of Fish-Man Island’s nobles using a type of ribbon behind their backs. This type of aspect was also present in the Skypiea Arc. Enel, who claimed he was a god, used ribbons similar those of Fish-Man Island’s Mermaids.

The same ribbon Luffy wore while he was at Gear 4 is the same as that used by Enel or the nobles. This makes fans believe that Luffy descends from nobility. The ribbons worn by Enel and nobles look similar to Luffy’s, so it is likely that Luffy was a noble descendant in his past.

Willingness of D

Will of D is a mystery to which there has been no clear answer in the One Piece series. However, it is obvious that the World Government wants to find the most wanted person with the name D. The World Government says D owners are extremely dangerous, and the World Government is determined to hunt those with the name D.

Suspicion grows about the actions of the World Government against people with the name D. One possibility is that the D owner could actually be a noble family, who lived during the void centuries and was able to wield great power as kings. If this theory is true then Luffy is a descendant nobility. Luffy is Monkey D. Luffy. Unfortunately, the World Government has not revealed the reason that they are looking for the owner the name D.

Monkey D. Dragon T. Tattoo

Luffy’s father is the Revolutionary Army leader and most wanted by The World Government. Monkey D. Dragon is quite unique with his tattoo covering almost half of the face. However, it is difficult to find information on Dragon, the Revolutionary Army’s father and leader. But, looking at Dragon’s signature tattoo, one can see that it shows that Dragon is part a noble family.

The theory is still evolving. Some people match the design of the tattoo with the characteristics of Indian tribes that once inhabited America’s interior. People who believe in this theory say that tattoos symbolize a god who rules all, and therefore those with such tattoos are not common.


The compatibility between Luffy’s family and Luffy suggests that they may have royal blood. The three theories have yet to be proven true. To be certain, Oda sensei will provide another clue.

Oda sensei frequently gives signs about the mysteries of the One Piece series. Fans won’t miss out on any signs that are important or interesting. If the sign is repetitive or has a pattern that needs to be broken, it’s a good idea to change it.


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