WHO is the full form of World Health Organization.

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WHO Facts and History

The WHO (World Health Organization), which was founded as part the United Nations on 7th April 1948 (now World Health Day), was created.

The World Health Organization is a non-governmental organization that works worldwide to promote safety, health, and protection of vulnerable populations. Its goal is to promote better health and well being for more people.

The W.H.O is made up of 194 countries.

Geneva is the headquarters.

These six regional areas are mostly located in America, Europe, South East Asia, South East Asia, or Africa.

150 other national offices with at least 7k employees around the globe.

Who funds WHO and how?

Funding for WHO consists of the membership fees charged by participating countries. They are calculated according the country’s population and wealth. In addition to voluntary contributions from individuals, there are charitable foundations as well as non-governmental organizations that vary from one year to the next.

The United States is currently the largest financial contributor to WHO. China comes in second with 15%. In 2019, the United States contributed $ 553million to WHO. China was almost ten-fold less.

Great Britain, Japan, Germany and Germany have been traditionally the top contributors. The contribution of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to 2016-2017 was almost $650 million, making it the second largest after that of the United States.

Top 10 Countries That Fund the World Health Organization

W.H.O research center

WHO accomplishments

W.H.O. worked against dangerous diseases. Thanks to the hard work of W.H.O today these diseases are virtually eradicated

  • Smallpox
  • Malnutrition
  • Ebola
  • HIV

W.H.O handwashing instructions

The World Health Organization ( W.H.O. ) suggests that everyone wash their hands daily to prevent spread of the COVID-19 Corona virus. Wash your hands with soap and water. You can eliminate any viruses by washing your hands with soap and water, or using an alcohol-based cleaner.

It is important to wash your hands regularly in order to keep yourself healthy. This will help prevent the spread of diseases such as diarrhea and respiratory infections. Germs can easily spread from surfaces or people to whom you touch:

1. Use your unwashed hands to gently touch your eyes, nose, mouth, and nose.

2. Do not eat or prepare food or beverages with dirty hands.

3. Touching contaminated surfaces, or objects.

4. Swallowing, coughing, or sneezing into your hands and then touching the hands of other people or objects.

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7 steps for properly washing your hands, according to W.H.O

W.H.O says that it takes approximately 20-30 seconds to wash your hands. To avoid infection with germs and viruses, you can follow the 7 steps in W.H.O.

1. Get your hands wet and then pour the soap into your hands.

2. Take a few drops of soap and rub your hands together.

3. Place the right palm on the back of your left hand and interlaced fingers.

4. Place the right hand’s palm in the palm of the left, with fingers interlaced.

5. The right and left hand clasp together, and the fingers are linked to ensure that soap hits both the base and nails.

6. You can rub your left thumb with your right hand, or vice versa.

7. The right hand’s clasped fingers should be rubbed on the palm of its left hand. 8. Rinse, then dry. After drying, your hands will be safe from bacteria and dirt.

There are some conditions that you can’t use soap or water to clean your hands. You can also use a hand soap.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that you use a hand sanitizer. This is at least 60% alcohol-based. These can be used to reduce the number germs on your hands. However, hand sanitizers are not able to eliminate all types of germs. They aren’t as effective as hand washing.

Hand sanitizers can’t remove dirt or oil from your hands. The use of a hand sanitizer is simple. Once the gel is applied to your hands, scrub the surface of your hands and between your fingernails until it dries completely.


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