Korean dramas are growing in popularity and being loved by viewers all over the world. The series’ great story and theme, much like Penthouse, Vincenzo, also touched many fans. Many viewers are curious about the release date Law school season 2. We’ll see if it happens.

“Law School,” which aired in Netflix’s April 14th 2021 on Wednesday, is a campus mystery. The story begins when students and professors from Korea’s top law school get involved in a case of murder that occurred at the school.

Starring: Kim Myung Min in the 2008 drama, “Beethoven Virus”, Kim Bum in the 2009 drama, “Boys Over Flowers”, Ryu Hae Young in the 2015 drama, “Reply 1988”.

Synopsis for Law School

In a case that is not well-known, an inexplicable murder occurs at one of Korea’s most prestigious law schools.

Yang Jeong Hoon, a professor at law school, searches for clues that the criminal left with the police.

Professor Yang Jeong Hoon, who is being held in urgent custody in front of students during class, causes the school to erupt with excitement.

Despite his silence, the professor is forced to face the truth.

Who is the true perpetrator? ? ?

Yang Jeong Hoon was in jail when the shadows of law students begin to grow.

Casting law school

The first season of Law School Season 1 was released on Netflix on April 14, 2021. It ended June 9. The success of the show has resulted in no official announcement for the Law School Season 2. Law School season 2 should air in spring 2022 if it is renewed by the series. The 2nd season will only have 12 episodes. This is in contrast to the 1st season.

Trailer 2: Law school season 2

Season 2 has yet to be released.


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